Simple, bio-safefunctional imaging

MagSense™ technology is the first imaging technology to use targeted magnetic nanoparticles to tag and detect cancers. The tiny bio-safe particles act as a magnetic beacon detectable when they attach to cancer cells.

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Designated by the FDA as a "breakthrough device"

Designated by the US FDA as a “Breakthrough Device”,
MagSense™ technology will help transform cancer care.

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How does MagSense™ imaging technology work?

Based on the principles of superparamagnetic relaxometry, the tiny magnetic nanoparticles produce a detectable magnetic signature.

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How is MagSense™ better than other imaging methods?

MagSense™ technology does not use ionizing radiation, radioactive tracers, or strong magnetic fields.

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How will MagSense™ change cancer detection?

Most cancers are asymptomatic, growing unnoticed and undetected until the tumor has grown large enough to cause identifiable symptoms.

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