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PrecisionMRX iron oxide nanoparticles are made with properties unrivaled by other commercial suppliers, including low size and shape dispersity, excellent crystallinity, and high magnetic susceptibility. PrecisionMRX iron oxide nanoparticles are of potential interest to researchers investigating magnetically based immunoassays and cell enrichment assays, magnetically induced hyperthermia, magnetic particle imaging, and other applications.

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PrecisionMRX superparamagnetic nanoparticles are available with three different surface coatings. If your application is selected for PrecisionMRX Trailblazer Trial Program, which product will you want?




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5 mg mPEG Coated PrecisionMRX Nanoparticles5 mg Carboxylic Acid Functionalized PrecisionMRX Nanoparticles10 mg Oleic Acid Coated PrecisionMRX Nanoparticles